Back Pain

Low back pain can be a debilitating problem for many people. If you are suffering from low back pain, there is hope for you. Rapid City Interventional Pain offers innovative back pain treatments, like spinal cord stimulators to relieve your back pain and help you get back to living life normally. Our staff is very knowledgeable and provides compassionate and high quality care which means you can avoid suffering from your pain long term and can 

Your spine is a complex network of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. If you have back pain you may also experience back stiffness, weakness, and tingling or numbness in the hands or feet. Back pain can be caused by muscle strain, irritation of joints or muscles, damage, injury to your spinal structure, or problems like herniated discs.


Although there are many causes of back pain, some are more easily treated than others. Some, if not addressed and treated properly, can lead to serious complications which may permanently affect your health or even your life.


If you're experiencing back pain or know someone who is, it's important to learn what the problem might be and how to treat it. At the Interventional Pain clinic, we have an expert team to help diagnose what is causing your back pain and will work with you to develop and individualized treatment plan to get you back to functioning normally. 

What causes back pain?

What are the most common causes of back pain? The four main ones include injury or trauma, herniated disc, muscle strain and arthritis. Another cause is cancer - though this is less common than some of the other ones. Injuries or traumas can include car accidents or even slips and falls.


The most common cause of back pain is a herniated disc (also called a ruptured disc). Discs are soft cushions that lie between each of your spine bones (vertebrae). When a herniated disc occurs, the soft center part presses out through the outer edge of the disc and bulges into the spinal canal. Herniated discs press on nerves that supply muscles in your lower back causing pain and weakness in your legs. They are also sometimes associated with numbness and tingling in parts of your hands, arms and torso.


A muscle strain can be caused by lifting something too heavy or by doing an exercise that you aren't used to doing. Arthritis can develop as a person ages, or it may be triggered by injury or trauma.


Cancer can be a cause of back pain as well; it often occurs near the spine, but not always.


Treatment depends on which cause you have, but in all cases treatment will likely include activity modification (in other words - resting), medication and physical therapy for lower back pain. Treatment may also include minimally invasive surgery if the pain is not relieved through more conservative treatments. 

At the Interventional Pain clinic, we will work with you to understand what is causing the pain and what treatments you may have tried in the past and will develop a treatment plan to get you back to functioning normally.

What is back pain?