Age-related bone loss can weaken the spine, and cause you to lose height in your vertebral bodies. A compression fracture can be caused by age-related bone weakness. A vertebral compression fracture can occur when you cough, fall, or lift heavy objects. The injured area is tender and often painful, making it hard to walk. A compression fracture is usually a result of osteoporosis, so treatment is aimed at preventing further fractures and improving bone mass.

Kyphoplasty procedure uses a balloon catheter to create a cavity, restore vertebral height and correct angular deformity from vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) due to osteoporosis, cancer, or benign lesion. After the space within the vertebral body has been created, the balloon is deflated and removed from the vertebral body. The cavity then allows for a controlled deposition of bone cement that has been mixed together within the same room — which then will solidify in the vertebral body after just about 20 minutes and help to stabilize and bring height to the fracture.


This procedure can be done within the clinic or at a hospital/surgery center. Patients are able to go home the same day and will typically feel pain relief immediately following the procedure.

Kyphoplasty Procedure